Titanium Bullion Bars

Why Invest in TITANIUM ?

One very important fact to consider is that US strategic stockpiles of titanium have been depleted since 2005. 
Right now, only Russia and China have decent strategic stockpiles of titanium with Russia alone owing about 50% of the world’s titanium and showing no inclination to sharing.

 Titanium is a metal having the chemical symbol is Ti. It is one of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)and when discovered was named for the Greek gods or Titans.

Titanium is a durable, tarnish resistant, hard silvery colored lightweight metal that has extensive uses in numerous branches of industry and is considered a critical strategic metal by the military. Many high tech applications such as submarine and fighter jet parts yet one of the coolest apps is a nanotech bonding of titanium and concrete use to negate the effects of air pollution.

Due to recent world events causing stockpile shortages of Titanium, many see the price exploding.

Titanium is completely benign when implanted in the human body; it does not induce any form of allergy, and does not react with salt, making it an ideal choice for use in personal jewelry.

Titanium is always found as a compound with other elements and is very time consuming and expensive to extract into a pure fine metal bar. You cannot simply smelt titanium like you can copper or gold.

Although an expensive and complicated process, Titanium, Titanium alloys, Titanium compounds and Titanium coated metals have many uses in industry today due to the unique properties.

Our Titanium is .999 fine bullion quality bar, not formed sponge or powder.

Despite being the ninth most plentiful element on the Earths’ surface and is distributed all over the world there are few concentrated deposits that make commercial extraction viable.

Here is a short list of titanium applications: aerospace and marine, pigments, additives and coatings, industrial, consumer and architectural jewelry and a grow list of dental medical uses.

Our Titanium originates from USA and Australian mines only.


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