Beware of Copper Bullion Scams

With so many people being new to the copper bullion
business, many unethical sellers are now taking advantage of folks and are melting copper wires, pipes or other scraps and selling under several
misleading terms such as “hand poured” or “Mint Poured” bullion bars.

Beware. That crap is NOT copper bullion, it is the copper prepared by scrapyards and recycling companies for shipment to mills and refineries. No real mints pour copper. Mints manufacture coins for currency

To make copper into real, investment quality bullion, several steps must occur, not just melting into a square shape and chiseling some BS purity numbers.
Copper bullion starts off as mined of recycled copper. This copper is then refined to 99.99% fine. This wrought copper is then rolled and milled into various standard thicknesses. Next, copper bullion is cut into exact weight and stamped with the correct purity and usually country of origin. This is also the copper that some mints use when manufacturing fine copper bullion rounds.

Please do not fall victim to the “hand poured” copper bar scam.

If you want some genuine copper bullion bars or rounds in sizes as small as 1 quarter pound and as large as 10 pounds each, please come to our site.

We supply all sizes and you can spens as little as $3 for a very small bar.True investment quality lots are instock for next day shiping




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