Rare Large Nickel Bullion Rounds For Sale

This sale is for 10 one ounce coins of genuine USA minted, .995 fine nickel bullion

 Design 1 is derived from the famous 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Indian Chief

Design 2 is inspired from the US $100 bill with Ben Franklin

Both pieces are limited edition minted by the oldest private mint in the USA

You will get coin 5 of each of the 2 designs, housed in thick archival coin flips 

These very finely USA minted nickel rounds are the highest quality and best price


Due to rising nickel prices, most countries that formerly used nickel in their coins have abandoned the metal for cost reasons. Many countries use a nickel alloy or plating to mint coins. Avoid low content nickel!

Shop around and see that our price for these fine one ounce nickle rounds is the lowest online or anywhere on the planet

Get just 1 or as many 10 coin lots of these 1 ounce pure nickel rounds as you can get today just go here http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/nickel-bullion/


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Titanium Bullion Bars

Why Invest in TITANIUM ?

One very important fact to consider is that US strategic stockpiles of titanium have been depleted since 2005. 
Right now, only Russia and China have decent strategic stockpiles of titanium with Russia alone owing about 50% of the world’s titanium and showing no inclination to sharing.

 Titanium is a metal having the chemical symbol is Ti. It is one of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)and when discovered was named for the Greek gods or Titans.

Titanium is a durable, tarnish resistant, hard silvery colored lightweight metal that has extensive uses in numerous branches of industry and is considered a critical strategic metal by the military. Many high tech applications such as submarine and fighter jet parts yet one of the coolest apps is a nanotech bonding of titanium and concrete use to negate the effects of air pollution.

Due to recent world events causing stockpile shortages of Titanium, many see the price exploding.

Titanium is completely benign when implanted in the human body; it does not induce any form of allergy, and does not react with salt, making it an ideal choice for use in personal jewelry.

Titanium is always found as a compound with other elements and is very time consuming and expensive to extract into a pure fine metal bar. You cannot simply smelt titanium like you can copper or gold.

Although an expensive and complicated process, Titanium, Titanium alloys, Titanium compounds and Titanium coated metals have many uses in industry today due to the unique properties.

Our Titanium is .999 fine bullion quality bar, not formed sponge or powder.

Despite being the ninth most plentiful element on the Earths’ surface and is distributed all over the world there are few concentrated deposits that make commercial extraction viable.

Here is a short list of titanium applications: aerospace and marine, pigments, additives and coatings, industrial, consumer and architectural jewelry and a grow list of dental medical uses.

Our Titanium originates from USA and Australian mines only.


Click to see current price list http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/titanium-bullion-bars/

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The Real Price of Copper Bullion

Copper, listed as a commodity price, currently 11/12/11) is about $3.50/pound.
Folks looking to invest in some copper bullion bars or rounds often see this price and then get confused or even angry when they discover that they cannot actually buy a pound , 100 or even 10o0 pounds for a small fee over the commodity listed price.

Investing in copper direct from a mine would be like trying to store barrels of crude in in your back yard. Neither make sense.

Copper Bullion is much more than base refined copper. In order for copper to be recognised as Copper Bullion, it must be extra refined, milled, rolled and stamped. You then have a basic Copper Bullion bar. Coining into rounds requires even more work.

This article will attempt to clear up the mystery of why copper bullion is priced in realtion to spot copper. Please pay attention, as this small amount of information might make you a large amount of money.

The biggest thing to know is that spot per pound price is a quote that copper manufacturing facilities pay copper mines for a 2.3 metric ton bundle of copper cathodes.

What? What is a Cathode?

One cathode is typically a 280 pound sheet of copper with a 99.99 purity. Without going into an engineering and mining dissertation, just know that cathodes are the end result of the process of copper mining. What started out as a piece of mountainside is now high grade copper cathode, ready for manufacturing, coin making, etc. Here is a likn to the entire process. http://www.kennecott.com/ore-to-more/

Hopefully, you now know that the coin shop or website selling copper bullion bars is not doubling their money on you.

Although copper is the first metal pulled from the ground and use by men, we currently have a fairly new market in copper bullion.

Below is nice example of old copper money. These are Aztec trading hoes. The Aztecs were among the first to devise a trade system that used a medium for exchange other that product, for product. Aztec hoes are thin pieces of fairly pure copper about 5 inches long and about 1.5 inches wide.

Over the centuries, copper has been used as a stable form of wealth. Pure copper to not so pure bronze has a long history of coinage and still remains popular in countries that do not have a stable paper money system…Seems like that is a catchy theme.

Here is a shot of some more recent copper coinage. Notice most are of European and N. American origin.

Turns out that copper stores longer than say corn or pork bellies and is much more stable than, say oil. Fact is, commodities are notoriously unstable with copper there to kind of keep things smother.

Back to YOU owning some copper for protection against crazy currency possibilities, especially the DOLLAR.

With most copper being made into wire, you might think that buying up a bunch of fine bare No.1 grade copper wire is a good idea….It is NOT. As of today, the price of copper wire from an electrical supply company works out to be over $17 per pound and smaller amounts from, say Home Depot will run you over $22 per pound. That makes a poor copper investment for 2 reasons. First, the price is too high; second, wire not being assayed is hard to cash out except at the scrap yard and they are paying less that LME price.

So now here we are with crazy gold and silver prices, a nearly depression economy, a threat to officially weaken the dollar credit rating and China, with all of those dollars our buying up all of the copper mines and stockpiles that they can get their claws on. (Don’t worry about the USA strategic copper stockpile, the US dumped all holdings by 1994 and currently holds ZERO copper).

If you are still here, congratulations! We are proudly the USA number one copper bullion bar and round dealer and are hoping that you have read and investigated enough for you to make a copper bullion purchasing decision right now.

Do yourself a favor and buy some copper from WWW.CopperBullionCoin.com. We sell to many resellers that are making a nice instant profit and to investors that just want to buy and hold on to some pure copper in small, trad-able amounts.

If it turns out that China does abandon the dollar and announce a world class copper currency, my USPTO slogan “Copper is the new Silver ©”, will be a fact to thank me for later.

One last thing. If you still have NOT investigated this information for yourself, at least look at this Wikipedia article for a completely factual, non commercial informational POV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_copper

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Best Price One Kilo Copper Bullion Bars

We offer the lowest price 1 kilo .999 fine copper bullion bars.
Here is the deal.
Just buy nine bars just like these shown here


Why 9 bars? Simple. 9 kilos are the most that we can get into  a small USPS flat rate box.

We ship within 1 business day of receiving payment. Please see all of our copper bullion bars and rounds at http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/categories/Copper-Bullion-Bars-and-Rounds/

Our site has the highest level of SLL protection so buyers information is guaranteed to be fully protected.  http://www.digicert.com/help/index.htm?host=www.copperbullioncoin.com&order_id=00264293

Beware of ordering from uncertified sites!



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Where to Buy Copper Bullion Bars of all Sizes

Many sites claim to offer copper bullion only to disappoint the buyer with scant offerings and high prices.
For the absolute best selection of .999 fine copper bullion bars of all sizes and amounts to fit every budget, you must shop at.


No one else offers such a wide range of .999 fine copper bullion bars.
Select quarter pound, half pound, Troy pound, AVDP pound, 1 kilo, 5 nad 10 pound bars in lots from 1 to 1000 pieces each. copperbullioncoin.com. is a safe trusted site with the highest level of SSL security so buyers can confidently know that their information remains private and secure.  See our complete privacy policy at: http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/pages/Privacy-policies.html

We are a Tampa Florida company that provides prompt personal service.  We ship 5 and sometimes 6 days a week and almost every order is shipped within 1 business day of payment.

We are experienced shippers to CANADA and have a perfect record of never having  packages held up in Customs or brokers.

Along with the copper bullion bars, we also have a great selection of US Mint canvas money bags, digital bullion scales and lots of other coins and bullion goodies.


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Just as bit of Copper Coinage History trivia

Drapier’s Letters is the collective name for a series of seven pamphlets written between 1724 and 1725 by the Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Jonathan Swift, to arouse public opinion in Ireland against the imposition of a privately minted copper coinage which Swift believed to be of inferior quality. William Wood was granted letters patent to mint the coin, and Swift saw the licensing of the patent as corrupt. In response, Swift represented Ireland as constitutionally and financially independent of Britain in the Drapier’s Letters. Since the subject was politically sensitive, Swift wrote under the pseudonym M. B. Drapier to hide from retaliation.[1]

Although the letters were condemned by the Irish government, with prompting from the British government,[2] they were still able to inspire popular sentiment against Wood and his patent. The popular sentiment turned into a nationwide boycott, which forced the patent to be withdrawn; Swift was later honoured for this service to the people of Ireland.[3] Many Irish people recognized Swift as a hero for his defiance of British control over the Irish nation.[4] Beyond being a hero, many critics have seen Swift, through the persona of the Drapier, as the first to organize a “more universal Irish community”, although it is disputed as to who constitutes that community.[5] Regardless of whom Swift is actually appealing to or what he may or may not have done, the nickname provided by Archbishop King, “Our Irish Copper-Farthen Dean”, and his connection to ending the controversy stuck.[6]

The first complete collection of the Drapier’s Letters appeared in the 1734 George Faulkner edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift along with an allegorical frontispiece offering praise and thanks from the Irish people.[7] Today, the Drapier’s Letters are seen as the most important of Swift’s “Irish tracts”,[citation needed] and are an important part of Swift’s political writings, along with Gulliver’s Travels (1726), A Tale of a Tub (1704), and A Modest Proposal (1729).

copperbullioncoin.com is the place to buy .999 fine copper in small bars and one ounce rounds along with many storage and handling solutions, scales , etc.

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When China makes the announcement that they are offering a world class trad-able COPPER BASED currency, will you be ready to cash in?

The only answer for China, currently holding over $5 TRILLION DOLLARS is to buy something with that money that they can control!

Look up some local news in any one of the major copper producing states, example Utah ans you will find new about China Gov there sniffing around trying to buy their copper mines

Recently big banks have quietly liquidated tons of silver for copper bullion. There is still time for most folks to CASH in. Convert some of those weak, failing US greenbacks to copper bullion and secure yours and your families future.

www.CopperBullionCoin.com has all of the copper anyone could dream of having. Spend $10 or $100k, NOW is a VERY good time to buy copper bullion.

Yes, we do sell copper to small USA and Canada investors. We have all types of copper bullion form quarter Oz rounds to Kilo ingots and everything in between. What will we do with the money? Buy more copper ASAP ! We are scared to death to hold dollars!

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copper bullion investing from home

Copper Kilos and Rounds

With the current high prices of silver and gold, many folks forget that COPPER is the oldest form of traded metal money.

 Gold is a great way to protect your wealth but a nice stash of copper bullion and pure copper coins will come in very handy. Imagine trying to buy in inexpensive meal with a gold coin…and no way to make change!

Our site  has the lowest price and by far best selection of copper  bullion coins and copper bars:


Look at all of the copper bars and rounds and get some while you can.  While you are there, get a scale, some cloth storage sacks and over 300 other collectible coins and other goods.

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Buy .999 Fine Copper Bullion Rounds

We are the USA’s number one seller of genuine .999 fine copper bullion rounds and are authorized seller for the oldest private mint in the USA

Whether buying to resell or hold or invest, our site offers the LOWEST price possible. If you find a lower price from a genuine reputable dealer, we will beat it!

 You can buy just one 20 piece roll for $27 with free shipping or you can buy a wholesale lot of 1000 or more for just $935 per 1000 rounds, free shipping is always included.
One of our most popular items is the 1000 piece mix and match deal. Simply chose any designs and send an email with payment.

Our secure ordering site is http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/index.php

Unlike most other sites, we offer 1 business day shipping. We are able to offer 1 day shipping because we stock every item that we sell. Many other sites are just drop shippers which means they actually have nothing for sale and wait for an order to come, then order from us or another wholesale dealer.

Buying directly from http://www.copperbullioncoin.com/index.php will save you time and money.

One last thing. We also have over 10,000 quarter ounce pure copper coins. Just to see if anyone is paying attention, we are selling those for at $424 per 1000 delivered.


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